As a family, we’ve always been passionate about good food — real food. That’s why we grow all the organic fruits and vegetables we can fit on our little farm.

Our “Everything But The” baking mixes are our way of sharing both our passion for food, and our commitment to organic products.

We hatched the idea for Cherryvale Farms’ “Everything But The” brand of easy-to-prepare baking mixes in our home kitchen — the Cherryvale Farm kitchen — in Santa Cruz County, California, because we love how baked goods taste when they are made with real fruits and vegetables.

While we love being in the kitchen, we realize not everyone shares that devotion. And even if you do, today’s busy lives can really make it hard to find time to bake from scratch.

That’s why we created our “Everything But The” recipes — so home cooks can whip up delicious baked goods in minutes, with a focus on fresh ingredients. We encourage you to use the best quality fruits, vegetables and nuts you can find when preparing our mixes.

We’re sure your family will appreciate that you’re putting wholesome, delicious food in their bodies. We do.

We’d love to hear from you, so send us your recipes, ideas,
comments and questions via email to Cherryvale Farms.

Happy Baking!

The Cherryvale Farms Family

Oh, and Walnut? He’s our company mascot and quite the little star!

Walnut is a “Whoodle”: a Wheaten Terrier / Poodle mix
(kind of like a Labradoodle, but smaller). He joined the
family in December of 2009 from a shelter in the Los
Angeles area. We think he’s about two years old.

Walnut loves long walks on the beach, being scratched on
his belly and most of all, digging for gophers on the farm.
He’s a big fan of our Pumpkin Spice Bread and likes to
sleep on his owner’s bed, usually with a few toys in paw.

He occasionally makes time for public appearances and
will gladly pose for photos or let you scratch him behind
the ears. Just don’t mess with his holiday sweaters or
raincoats, because he’s very particular about his outfits.